KIDS:  BIRTH - 5th Grade   

STUDENTS: grades 6 - 12



REVBABIES & Toddlers

A place for babies

birth - 3 years old

RevBabies Nursery - Birth - 3yrs olds

Toddlers - 2 & 3yr olds

At CHECK-IN, you'll be given a Security Sticker. 

Use the Sticker when picking up your baby.  Safety is our top priority!  

Note: For safety, only parents or guardians presenting a matching Security Sticker will be allowed to pick-up children after services. 


RevKids welcomes PreK- 5th grade! We teach your kids about Jesus through curriculum specifically tailored to their developmental needs.  

Early Childhood - Ages 4-6

Elementary -1st - 3rd Grade

CLUB 45 -4th & 5th

RevBuddies special needs & sensory room.

When you arrive, CHECK-IN at a Kiosk and get a Security Sticker. 

Check out our Facebook Page HERE. 

Note: For safety, only parents or guardians presenting a matching Security Sticker will be allowed to pick-up children after services. 



RevStudents meet on Wednesday Nights from 6:00-7:30ish at the Theater campus!  We hang out, play games, eat popcorn, have a time of worship, and a time when we talk about Jesus!  At the end of the night we split into Small Groups.  At RevStudents, we believe that we shouldn't wait until we're older to follow Jesus.  We shouldn't wait until we're older to be leaders.  WE START NOW!   Check out our Facebook Page HERE.  


Rev Young Adults ages 18 - 25 meet on Monday Nights from 6:00-7:00 at the Theater campus! We are a community. We study the Bible and encourage each other to pursue a relationship with Jesus. At the end of the night, we split into Small Groups.  At Rev Young Adults, we want to create an atmosphere where young Adults can become fully devoted followers of Christ. Check us out on Social Media.  


Q. How does Check-In and Pick-Up work for children?  

A. When you arrive, look for the  CHECK-IN station.   We'll ask for some info like allergies, phone number etc.  You'll be given a Security Sticker.  Your child will get a Code Sticker and you will hold onto the another Sticker for pick-up.  The Sticker Code will be used on the big Screens in the Sanctuary in case of an emergency.  After service, pick-up your child in the same place you dropped them off in the Nursery, Early Childhood Room, CLUB 45 or Kid's Room using your tag.  To keep safety first, we only allow children to leave with an adult presenting the matching sticker. 


Q. What kind of activities do you offer in RevKids?

A.  Each week your child will hear a Bible Story, learn how to apply it to real life, worship through song and learn a Bible Verse.  We use an age appropriate curriculum to equip kids and support families who are teaching their kids how to do life with Christ.  

Q.  What if I'm not ready to leave my child in the nursery?

A.   We have a mother's room with a livestream TV and comfy chairs and a changing table in our Lobby.  We understand how hard it is to leave your baby!  For the safety of the children, we cannot allow any adults who have not attended a RevKids Training to stay with the children.

Q.  What are Youth Services like?

A.  In RevStudents we hang out, eat snacks, worship, and most importantly, we talk about Jesus!  We know students are dealing with real issues; so we want to talk real and support students as they are standing up for God's Ways in a culture where God's Ways aren't very popular.  We're really laid back.  We won't put anyone on the spot to talk, or read aloud, or anything like that.  Just come and listen, or participate, or just hangout.  See ya Wednesday at 6:00!  No perfect people allowed.