• Lead Pastor: Josh

    What's up. My name is Josh! I'm the pastor of RevChurch. I love long walks on the beach & sunsets in the mountains...lol.  I don't know what to say, but if you're reading this & you're hurting, our church has prayed for you. If you feel far from God, you're exactly who Revolution Church was created for.  Come check it out!

    EMAIL: pastor@crossvillerevolution.com

  • Student Director: Brandon

    Hey y’all! My name is Brandon. I’m the RevStudents Director. I’m so excited & honored to be working with the awesome group of students we have here at Revolution. One of my goals is to make sure that students form strong & lasting relationships with each other & the Rev Leaders. However, my ultimate goal is to do whatever I can to lead students into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ. If you are a teenager come & check out RevStudents...You won’t regret it! By the way... Go Dawgs! 

    EMAIL: revstudents@crossvillerevolution.com

  • Groups Coordinator: Geoff  

    If you're on this page, you're probably interested in knowing more about RevChurch. God is doing amazing things at Rev. In 2017, we launched our version of small groups called, "RevGroups." We launched Connect Groups in 2018. Numerous groups meet throughout Crossville & the surrounding area. Check out the Groups tab & you can join in.  I love connecting with people & would like to meet you next time you are at Rev, so hit me up.

    EMAIL: revgroups@crossvillerevolution.com

  • Music Director: Brooke

    Hey!   Our goal for worship at RevChurch is to keep it simple and  focused on Jesus  so no one is confused about Who we love more than anything. A cool worship band, lights, instruments & big screens are a blessing, but not our focus. 

    Our focus = GOD!

    EMAIL: worship@crossvillerevolution.com


    Hey, I'm honored and humbled to serve in RevKids!  We want you to know that God loves your child and so do we!  Our desire for RevKids is to team up with families to equip kids for a lifetime relationship with Jesus Christ.  We are the church!  

    EMAIL: revkids@crossvillerevolution.com


    The Production Team works behind the scenes to make sure each service is seen & heard in the most effective way possible. Everything from Scripture on screen, lighting, mixing sound & filming services is by managed our amazing Serve Team!   "Production Coordinator" is such a fancy name, but I'm not fancy. You’ve all been fooled. If you would like to Serve, email me or find me at church!

    EMAIL: production@crossvillerevolution.com

  • RevBabies & PRE-K COORDINATOR: Tiffany

    We love teaching your kids about Jesus!  If you have any questions about Kid's Church for Pre-K, RevBabies or if you would like to serve, please email me!  

    EMAIL: revkids@crossvillerevolution.com


    Hi! God knew I was called to serve way before I did.  I served first, in the Air Force for 20 years.  Now, I find myself serving God in a whole new way! He has led me straight to RevChurch!  I know He has great plans in store for us both.  #SavedPeopleServePeople

    EMAIL: office@crossvillerevolution.com


    At RevChurch, we rock & roll for Jesus! I love people & I love to serve as a Greeter at RevChurch!  I also enjoy serving at the Bread Of Life Mission!  I can't wait to meet you!  

    EMAIL: office@crossvillerevolution.com