RevGroups are a key aspect of our church community. We meet in host homes located throughout Cumberland County.  (Most groups meet in the leaders' home.) We try to keep groups limited to about 12 people, including 2 leaders. 

You don't have to attend the group that is in your area, you can attend any group!

Sign up for a group that meets your needs and click the 'Join This Group' tab.


Do you want plugged in to a group of people who know they're not perfect?  Are you looking for family, or someone to challenge you and hold you accountable?  Do you want to learn more about God?  Does it make you nervous to meet new people or do you love connecting with people? If you're answer is yes, you've come to the right place. Each group offers relevant life lessons for doing life God's Way.  Some groups dig a little more into the weekend sermon series and some offer book studies. Sign-up HERE and give it a try!  Embrace the awkward because YOU CAN'T DO LIFE ALONE!