Our RevBabies Room is right next to the Sanctuary. Our Volunteers will spend time with your child telling them about God's Love while you have an opportunity to attend service!  At CHECK-IN, you'll be given a Security Sticker and Key Tag (for fast Check-in).  Use the Sticker when picking up your baby.  Safety is our top priority.  Note: Only parents or guardians with a matching Security Sticker will be allowed to pick-up children after services. 


RevKids is available for ages 3-12! We teach your kids about Jesus using an age-appropriate curriculum, worship together and have a time to get the wiggles out at Bounce Partyz! Pre-Schoolers meet in the Room next to Vitamin World.  Elementary Kids meet just behind RevBabies in the Lobby.  When you arrive, check-in at a Kiosk and get a Security Sticker and a Key Tag (for fast Check-In). 

Check out our Facebook Page HERE. 

Note: For the safety of the boys and girls, children will only be allowed to leave with the guardian carrying the matching Sticker.  Safety is top priority in RevKids!  For questions, 



RevStudents meets on Wednesday Nights at 6:00 at the Mall Campus!  Come hangout with a Smaller Group of students your age.  We will talk about the weekend sermon, pray and just keep it laid back.  We aren't fancy, just a group of teenagers looking to do life together God's Way. Check out our Facebook Page HERE.  


Q. How does Check-In and Pick-Up work for children?  

A. When you arrive, look for the  FIRST TIME CHECK-IN banners.   We'll ask for some info like allergies, phone number etc.  You will be given Security Stickers and Key Tag.  Your child will wear the sticker with his/her name on it and you will hold onto the other Sticker.  The Sticker Code will be used on the TV Screens in the Sanctuary in case you are needed during services.  After service, pick-up your child in the Nursery, Pre-K Room or Kid's Room using your tag.  To keep safety first, we will only allow children to leave with an adult presenting the matching sticker. 


Q. What is the Schedule for RevKids?

A.  Each week your child will hear a Bible Story, learn how to apply it to real life, worship through song and offering, and learn a Bible Verse.  We also give the kids an opportunity to get their wiggles out at Bounce Partyz across the hall.    

Q.  Can I stay in RevBabies with my child?

A.  We understand how hard it is to leave your baby!  You are welcome to stay with your child until you are comfortable leaving them.  There is also a Live Streaming TV in the lobby if you would like to sit with your child and watch the service.  

Q.  What do you guys do at your Youth Services?

A.  Most weeks, we watch video clips from the Weekend service and talk about how to apply it in our daily lives.   We know that students today are dealing with a lot of real issues; so we want to talk real and support students as they are standing up for God's Ways in a culture where God's Ways aren't very popular.  We are really laid back.  We won't put anyone on the spot to talk, or read aloud, or anything like that.  Just come and listen, or participate, or just hangout.  No perfect people allowed.