• Lead Pastor - Josh

    What's up. My name is Josh Cardwell, the pastor of Revchurch. I love long walks on the beach and sunsets in the mountains................lol. I don't know what to say on this so I'll just say, if you're reading this, our church has prayed for you. If you feel far from God, you're exactly who Revolution Church was created for. Come check us out, and see what you think of Revchurch.

    EMAIL: pastor@crossvillerevolution.com


  • Music Director - Brooke

    Hey! Come try church at the MALL! At Rev Church, the only (Rock) Star is Jesus. We keep it simple & focused(on Him) so no one is confused about Who we love more than anything. A cool worship band, lights, instruments & big screens are a blessing, but not our focus. Our focus = God.

    EMAIL: brooke@crossvillerevolution.com


  • Chief Financial Advisor-Kim

    Here at Revolution Church, we take oversight of our finances seriously. As a CPA with experience in ministry and public accounting, I understand the importance of accurate and complete financial records. I, along with the Finance Advisory Team, work diligently to ensure the church properly manages the offerings we receive.

    EMAIL: kim@crossvillerevolution.com